This course is addressed to very experienced free diving instructors who have organized and taught a large number of training seminars of all recreational freediving levels and have served as assistants in instructor training seminars  and wish to develop to the highest level of freediving education certification.

The Freediving  Instructor Trainer Level 3 ***, has the ability to organize, train and certify all recreational as well as all professional training seminars of freediving. He also has the ability to suggest changes regarding training processes and certification procedures as well as to participate as members of the evaluation committees of these processes.

The purpose of the training seminar is for participants to acquire knowledge on teaching techniques and demonstration of theoretical and practical subjects related to the training of free diving instructors of all levels.

The seminar includes, among other things, the elaboration of essays and presentations both on specific and general topics, a final written evaluation, and a final lecture evaluation on two of the subjects to be taught during an Instructor Trainer Level 3*** course .These essays could be included in the “educational material asset bank” of the freediving educational organization.



The theoretical part of this program, which includes at least 10 one-hour lessons and takes place in the SpearfishingWW auditorium or online through our platform, analyzes all  useful information that will prepare participants for the requirements of preparing, organizing, and leading spearfishing training seminars of Freediving training seminars of all recreational and professional levels, and the crossover procedures.

The subjects taught include:

  • Structure of Freediving educational organizations
  • Analysis of the training programs and training objectives of the instructor training seminars of: Freediving Instructor Level 1 *, Freediving Instructor Level 2 ** and Freediving Instructor Level 3 ***, as well as all crossover procedures
  • Analysis of all Educational levels Learning processes
  • Instructor trainer s’ training methodology
  • Analysis of preferred communication techniques
  • Organization of training seminars of all levels
  • Analysis of each level’s purpose, skills and exercises
  • Instructors' evaluation and certification procedures
  • Analysis and evaluation of the skills of the candidate instructors
  • Rescue procedures and first aid protocol from a depth of 15 meters - candidate evaluation

Subsequently, in the practical part of the training seminar, the candidate trainers Freediving Instructor Level 3 ***, through corresponding trips to the sea and / or the pool, perform a predetermined series of customized exercises and procedures in order to lay the right foundations and experiences in the following subjects:

  • Organization of training programs for trainers of Freediving Instructor Level 1 *, Freediving Instructor Level 2 **, and Freediving Instructor Trainer Level 3 ***.
  • Evaluation of the control of a group of divers in open water events
  • Organization of procedures and safety protocols of a group of experienced divers in various open water events
  • Evaluation of teaching skills and control in rescue, first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation procedures.


Participation requirements

Documents and conditions of participation:

  • The participant must be over the age of 21 years old
  • Identity Card or Passport
  • Medical certificate issued within the last 12 months
  • Freediving Instructor Level 2** Certification
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and First Aid Instructor Certification (BLS)
  • Disclaimer form (to be completed before the course)
  • List of completed and certified seminars proving that the candidate has trained at least 100 students at least in all freediving educational levels