Freediving Spearfishing WorldWide Pool Sessions - 01

When you see a competent Freediver or Spearo on your computer or smartphone, you may think: "I wish I could dive like that". These are the most intriguing thoughts that you can share with our training team. Honestly, anybody can acquire the skillset and endurance needed to achieve safely what is now far from their abilities. The performances they desire within reason.

These training sessions were designed to provide a basic foundation to get you on track, and build your confidence and awareness. We will help you to be physically and mentally prepared to reach your deepest dreams.

Our Head trainer (Manolis Giankos) and coaches have personal experience in competitive Freediving and Spearfishing, and they put their knowledge and experience to your service. We guide you through the best training practices with safety and respect by always having put these practices to the test before suggesting them to you. We only ask you to commit to your training and be fair and honest towards yourself.

Start today and not tomorrow, put your dream first.

Freediving Spearfishing WorldWide Pool Sessions

Participation requirements

Documents and conditions of participation:

  • Τhe participant must be over 18 years old
  • Medical certificate issued within the last 12 months