Freediving Spearfishing WorldWide is the only school and organization rooted in not only the foundational principles of Freediving and Spearfishing, but also in new developments in freediving physiology and teaching methods, new spearfishing techniques and technology, and much more.

Founded by the Freediving and Spearfishing world Champion, Manolis Giankos, the organization bases its teachings on the pillars of experience, knowledge and study of not only this accomplished national record holder, but also on associations with renown scientists, spearos, and freedivers acclaimed in their own right. The goal of Freediving Spearfishing WorldWide is clear: to form better, stronger, well rounded and well educated athletes for competitive or recreational freediving, as well as providing the highest level of Spearfishing education and experience available on the market.

It is time to provide the next generation of freedivers and spearfishers with the knowledge their predecessors have acquired through years of competition, preparation, study, experimentation, and hours of life in the water.

We, the Freediving Spearfishing WorldWide team, are ready to share our wealth of experience with you, and further your goals in the water, whatever they may be, as deeply as possible. Our educational system and approach is one of a kind - all members of our team have been chosen for their abilities and trained specifically for the highest level of diving education possible.

Check out everything we offer - we look forward to having you.  Dive In With Us.