Aimed at experienced underwater hunting instructors who have organized and taught a large number of all recreational levels spearfishing training seminars and want to learn how to teach the theory and practice of the specialties courses offered by the Spearfishing Instructors International training system.

The Spearfishing Head Instructor Level 2 **, has the ability to organize and train at all levels of amateur underwater hunting, as well as in those specialties of the SII training system from which he has the appropriate certification. He can also act as an assistant trainer in the Instructor courses of all levels.

The purpose of the training seminar is for the participants to acquire knowledge on teaching techniques and demonstration of theoretical and practical subjects, to acquire skills of planning and organizing trips for groups of up to 10 people, and to learn practices for identifying, predicting, and problem-solving.

The seminar includes, among other things, the elaboration of essays and presentations both on specific and general topics, final written evaluation, and final lecture evaluation on two of the subjects to be taught during a recreational level seminar and/or a specialty.


The theoretical part of this program, which includes  50 one-hour lessons and takes place in the SpearfishingWW auditorium or online through a special platform, analyzes all the useful information that will prepare participants for the requirements of preparing, organizing, and processing spearfishing training seminars of Spearfishing Level 1 * / Incipient Spearo), Spearfishing Level 2 ** / Advanced Spearo, Spearfishing Level 3 *** / Master Spearo of recreational level, and specialties training programs and procedures.

The subjects being taught include:

  • Structure of the international educational organization SII (Spearfishing Instructors International)
  • Evaluation of other spearfishing educational organizations and analysis of their educational goals
  • Basic principles of teaching in specialized subjects
  • Learning processes and gradual development of specialization
  • Education methodology
  • Analysis of the educational programs and the educational objectives of each specialty of the amateur levels
  • Difficulties in learning underwater hunting and teaching methods
  • The use of educational aids and video during a course on specific subjects
  • Specialties - exams and certification procedures
  • Lectures on theoretical subjects
  • Analysis of practical exercises - educational goals of each specialty
  • Analysis of the required specialized equipment for each specialty
  • Analysis, critique, and evaluation of the skills of the candidate trainers
  • Introduction to Instructors training
  • Rescue and first aid - Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (practice and teaching methods)
  • Local and international spearfishing legislation

Subsequently, in the practical part of the training seminar, the candidate instructors, through the corresponding trips to the sea and / or the pool, perform a predetermined series of customized exercises and procedures in order to lay the right foundations and experiences in following subjects:

  • Briefing and debriefing procedures for practical specialties subjects
  • Predicting, preventing, and solving problems in open-sea lessons
  • Identification of the ideal buoyancy per educational level and per hunting technique - balance - ways of achievement by the trainees
  • Maintain control of students and groups during specialties open-sea lessons
  • Demonstration of skills and exercises of the specialties’ exercises
  • Rescue procedures and first aid protocol from a depth of 15 meters - candidate's evaluation
  • Rescue and first aid - Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (practice and teaching methods)
  • Finding and selecting new places for teaching practical subjects according to the needs of each specialty

Participation requirements

Documents and conditions of participation:

  • Τhe participant must be over 22 years old
  • Identity Card or Passport
  • Medical certificate issued within the last 12 months
  • Certification SII Underwater Hunting instructor (Spearfishing Instructor Level 1*)
  • Certification Freediving Instructor Level 1 *
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and First Aid Certification (BLS)
  • Disclaimer form (to be completed at the beginning of the procedure)
  • List of completed and certified seminars stating that he has trained at least 120 students with at least 20 per different level of spearfishing seminar.
  • Certification of spearfishing educational activity of the last two years
  • English language good knowledge Certification