We are thrilled to offer a new program of guided excursions throughout Greece and worldwide upon demand! Choose one of our preselected locations, scouted by us and chosen for unique qualities such as ideal freediving and spearfishing conditions, local sights and caves, beautiful scenery, and much more.

Alternatively, our instructors and Specialized Guides are available globally to cater to your underwater desires and craft tailor-made trips according to your needs. Want a one week Spearfishing trip in Peru? You got it. A two day freediving trip through the most beautiful islands in Greece? Done. We can provide almost any service that crosses your mind. Groups, individuals, couples, novices and accomplished divers, all are welcome to make an inquiry for our services.

Join us to meet the locals and live an authentic experience of Greece under and above water, combining traditional experiences and sights with training or guidance from world class spearos or freedivers. If you’re interested in Spearfishing, come spear with us and cook what we catch, or learn to forage for seafood underwater. We have a wealth of knowledge that can make your trip to Greece the ultimate experience.

For those seeking higher-end services, the Freediving Spearfishing WorldWide Premium Services department is available for luxury yacht and boat rentals, crew member staffing, and Spearfishing or Freediving instruction, as well as guidance on the sea and around the Greek islands.